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Name: Pavel Loparev
Position: Drupal Developer
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I'm a maintainer of next contrib modules on drupal.org:
  • Changed Fields API - API for developers that allows to react on changed fields in node when node has been updated.
  • Domain ThemeKey - module provides additional ThemeKey properties.
  • Sticky Preview -  provides sticky preview box on node add/edit page. You can enable this feature for each content type on a content type setting page. Also you can include to preview only those fields that you want.

I also contributed patches for the next modules:
I'm involved in a local Drupal comunity and took a part in next annual Ukrainian Drupal events:

My pet projects:

Feel free to contact me on:
  • e-mail: pavel.loparev.brdm2@gmail.com
  • skype: pasherfluffy