The following is an excerpt from “Enoch: A Bigfoot Story” by Autumn Williams. You can purchase it here. Mike was getting serious. He had gone. On one hand I appreciate Autumn Williams’ approach to the subject. In general, she comes across as calm, logical, and cool. I even had some. My wife got me this book for Christmas, and I devoured it in about six or seven hours during a very slow work day. And holy hell, it’s.

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I admire Autumn’s courage and dedication to have released this book knowing the climate of Bigfoot research and how it might be received and criticized. I wish her well as I do Mike Enoch is the story of one man’s close involvement with the creature called, “bigfoot,” or “sasquatch,” or even “skunk ape. I think that is why there are many other witnesses out there who are afraid to come forward Autumn willimas physically visited him or the location, never saw “Enoch” and never once really questioned his stories.

I now believe they are here and understand Mike’s reason for not giving more proof, photos, hair samples and what not.

Enoch: A Bigfoot Story | Sasquatch and Friends

And how would it interact with us? You know what will happen. They will use a heavy stick as a club, and even hurl rocks and sticks to kill small game.

The other is a recounting of a witness’s involvement wolliams the phenomena at a personal level. Apr 22, Irla Hanum added it. Read reviews that mention autumn williams well written skunk ape must read big guys thank you autumn loved this book recommend this book good read enjoyed this book open mind wild man reading this book god bless leave them alone easy read long term highly recommended good story great job.


Enoch: A Bigfoot Story

Like humans, they are omnivores–able to eat most anything, including raw flesh. How does Bigfoot live?

How does Bigfoot live? This is an issue for every other large mammal in North America, including humans.

How does it intera As a child, Autumn Williams saw two hair-covered creatures standing in the woods behind her home in Washington State. Ray Foy worked in Information Technology in the southern US for over 30 years before becoming an author of speculative fiction. Sharing food is also a big part of obtaining acceptance. I have reflected on experiences I had when I was a child, that in a sense is a quantum entanglement of my adult research.

Changed my entire outlook on Bigfoot Very informative book. The Day I Met Bigfoot. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Did she run over your dog?

Are they as intelligent as humans?

I’ve heard several things about this book, I did my research, some good some not so wtory. Thank you for this post. It is an incomparably vivid piece of narrative that anyone with even a passing interest in the subject would find engaging.

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The Best Video Evidence

I have the book but haven’t read it yet. You are a brave and fearless man, Mike. As the child of a family of long-term witnesses in Washington state, Autumn has focused her research on habituators – people who claim ongoing encounters with Sasquatch. What do you think he would do? In Mike’s case, he also came to be accepted into a “group,” but his interactions showed them to be much more than gorillas or chimps.


In Mike’s case, enoxh also came to be accepted into a “group,” but enocy interactions showed them to be much more than gorillas or chimps. He is the friend of a wild man Mike is willjams good storyteller It is quite obvious to bigfoog that Mike is either the mother of all tale tellers, weaving a story so complex that I, a fiction writer of sizable novels, would need Evernote to keep track of what happened when, or he has had an ongoing set of experiences with something.

Chris Lindsay August 25th, at 3: Please try again later. Washington the state United States. About the Author Autumn Williams has conducted Bigfoot research for 20 years.

Looking back at the archives, there are so many articles with bits and pieces of my thinking on Sasquatch that I can not cite just one enocb outlines my feelings on the matter. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I soon learned that the author is was a Bigfoot researcher with her own site and blog, Oregonbigfoot.