Saturday, July 15, 2017

Drupal Camp Kyiv 2017

On 10-11 of June in Kyiv there was an annual all-Ukrainian event - Drupal Camp Kyiv 2017. This is a place where experienced back-end, front-end developers, DevOps and managers share their knowledge. Traditionally Drupal Camp took place in two days: a conference day which includes 5 streams of presentations and code sprint where passionate developers can work together for improving Drupal and developing community. A few interesting statistics about this year’s event: 403 attendees, 5 streams of lectures, 42 speaker, 10+ international speakers, 70+ code sprint participants and 100+ patches made during code sprint.

I'm working on the Smartling company where my main projects are connectors: Smartling (for Drupal 7), TMGMT Smartling and TMGMT Extension Suite (for Drupal 8). The main goal both of these connectors is to send content for translation into Smartling service, get it back when translations are ready for publishing and correctly apply them into Drupal entities (such as nodes, taxonomy terms etc.), menus, blocks, locale strings and configurations.

So I took a part in this event with a presentation “How to outsource the pain of Drupal translation to Smartling” and I was talking about localization process in Drupal using Smartling translation service. I’ve also reviewed Translation Management Tool (a base for our connector), TMGMT Smartling and TMGMT Extension Suite modules.

In the session I've considered next key points:
  • How to configure your Drupal 8 site and TMGMT module
  • How to configure TMGMT Smartling plugin
  • What is visual context and why it’s so important for translators
  • How do we automate all the translation workflow and track changes of the source content
  • How did we manage to avoid a Drupal 8 core bug with bulk actions
I hope my session was interesting for those who wanted to know how to get rid of the pain of Drupal translation process and who was interested in other alternatives for translation workflow aside from common copy-pasting process from Excel sheets.

Drupal Camp Kyiv is the biggest Drupal event in Ukraine. It’s a great opportunity for developers to learn something new and grow up as a specialist. I’m looking forward to taking part in next events.

Session details


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