Saturday, January 27, 2018

PHP Netflix Eureka client

Netflix Eureka is a REST service that is primarily used in the AWS cloud for locating services. It comes with a Java-based client. But if you need a PHP-based client - welcome under the cut.

PHP Eureka client supports all the Eureka operations: register, de-register, send heartbeat, take instance out, put instance back, update metadata etc. How to use:

1. Create Eureka app instance definition:
// We will use app name and instance id for making requests below.
$appName = 'new_app';
$instanceId = 'test_instance_id';

// Create app instance metadata.
$metadata = new Metadata();
$metadata->set('test_key', 'test_value');

// Create data center metadata.
$dataCenterMetadata = new Metadata();
$dataCenterMetadata->set('data_center_test_key', 'data_center_test_value');

// Create data center info (Amazon example).
$dataCenterInfo = new DataCenterInfo();

// Create Eureka app instance.
$instance = new Instance();

2. Create Eureka client (it is based on Guzzle HTTP client):
// Eureka client usage example.
// Create guzzle client.
$guzzle = new Client();

// Create eureka client.
$eurekaClient = new EurekaClient('localhost', 8080, $guzzle);

3. Communicate with Eureka server:
try {
  // Register new application instance.
  $response = $eurekaClient->register($appName, $instance);

  // Send application instance heartbeat.
  $response = $eurekaClient->heartBeat($appName, $instanceId);

  // De-register application instance.
  $response = $eurekaClient->deRegister($appName, $instanceId);
catch (Exception $e) {
  echo $e->getMessage() . PHP_EOL;

See repository for more information.

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